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About  Me

Hi, I’m Andrea! Welcome to GlutenFreeYogi.com!

Beginning a healthy lifestyle can be freeing and challenging all at the same time.

But the benefits of eating healthy outweigh the junk foods that are so hard to give up.

I’m so excited that you came to my website.  I love to help health conscious people like you learn to eat healthy.

But, I know, it’s really hard to change your eating habits — especially if you grew up (like me) eating “unhealthy food” at every meal.  We ate cereal for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch, and dinner with frozen or canned veggies.  I put the word unhealthy in quotes because it’s only once you start to question what’s in your food that you begin to see it as unhealthy.

Maybe you’re here because you wonder what’s in your food as well.  Or maybe you just notice that your body isn’t running optimally, and feel like your food choices may be sapping your energy…. like that 3 pm slump people tend to get in.

Am I on the right track?

If so, here is how I can help you!

Here are some important things you’ll learn from this site:

  • How to eat healthy (with a focus on gluten free food)
  • How to read ingredient labels
  • What gluten is & the benefits of a gluten free lifestyle
  • What foods are naturally gluten free & how to find sneaky sources of gluten
  • And plenty of awesome recipes that are EASY to make!

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    My Healthy Eating Journey

    My healthy eating journey began in 2009 when my mom was diagnosed with cancer.  I wanted to help her, and I knew that chemotherapy is a very harsh treatment.  While I was researching ways to cure your cancer naturally, I noticed that most people claimed that a healthy diet (raw food specifically) could actually heal cancer.  (Note: My mom did go through chemo, but started a raw food diet afterwards.  She is a 10 year Survivor, and still eating mostly a raw diet.)

    Call me naïve, but as I researched the “products” I was eating, it was truly eye-opening that there are so many chemicals – additives, flavors, colors – loaded into our food that aren’t healthy for our bodies.

    I began by buying, eating, and serving my family more fresh produce.  It was fun to experiment with foods that were new to me!


    I was also reading about the different industries changing their production of our “food”.  Like the dairy industry, the pesticide industry, and also the grain industry.

    Our Family Experiment

    When my daughter (born in 2006) was a toddler, she looked like she was 8 months pregnant with tiny little arms & legs, and wasn’t growing at the same rate as her friends. She also had dark circles under her eyes all the time – aka allergic shiners and ALWAYS complaining that her belly hurt. I started reading about the effects that gluten can have on people and she had most of them.

    Our family experiment consisted of myself, my husband, and my daughter, who was 6 at the time. (My son was just an infant, so he was naturally gluten free!) It was just 2 weeks without gluten, and I planned out 2 weeks worth of meals ahead of time to make it a little easier on myself.

    After those 2 weeks, we went back to having gluten in our diet. I started waking up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat and finally connected it to the times I ate wheat pasta. So, I changed to rice pasta. Gradually I got more sensitive to less amounts of gluten.

    Eventually, I stopped eating gluten and buying gluten-full products at the grocery store. My husband and daughter still ate gluten when we went out, but had really cut down in general.

    My daughter ended up having a bad stomach flu and didn’t eat for almost a week. Over that time, the dark circles under her eyes went away, and when she had gluten again, she had severe pain – enough that she didn’t want to eat gluten anymore.

    Our Results

    With our gluten free lifestyle, I noticed that my eczema and chronic back pain WENT AWAY! My husband lost weight, and my daughter started gaining weight!

    It has been a long journey and I am so excited to help people who are just beginning theirs! Over the years, I’ve accumulated lots of great recipes and information that I am ready to share!

    I hope that you find this website helpful! Please ask any questions in the comments sections or drop my an email at Andrea@GlutenFreeYogi.com. I’m always happy to talk to you!