My Favorite Blender: The Blendtec

//My Favorite Blender: The Blendtec

My Favorite Blender: The Blendtec

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My favorite kitchen appliance that I couldn’t live without is my Blendtec blender.  It’s not just an ordinary, chop up some food kind of blender.  The Blendtec PULVERIZES anything you put in it!  Usually you find the “professional” version in smoothie shops and some coffee shops like Panera.  For home use, it’s comparable to the Vitamix blender, but better, in my opinion.  I got mine in 2011, and it has been used almost every day since!  Mainly it gets used to make healthy smoothies and grind my own gluten free flours.

Here are some specs on the Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender with FourSide Jar before we get into more details:

Power: 3.0 Horsepower
Speeds: 10
Pre-programmed cycles: 6
Capacity: 75oz volume / 32oz Wet/Dry Fillable (BPA FREE PLASTIC JAR)
Colors: Black, red & white
Warranty: 8 years


This blender has some serious power – it rivals a small lawn mower with a 3 Hp engine!  It uses 1560 watts and is 120 volts – meaning it still plugs in to a regular outlet.

On YouTube, there is a series called “Will It Blend?” featuring Tom Dickson blending up crazy things like an iphone, amazon echo, glow sticks, a rake handle, and more.  So since most people aren’t buying a blender to destroy household products, what else does this amount of power mean for your food?

Well, with a regular $20 blender, a strawberry smoothie (my favorite) can be anything but smooth.

Chunks of unblended strawberries, ice, and the gritty taste of strawberry seeds leave a lot to be desired.

It’s definitely a “smooth” drink when you use a Blendtec!

Another huge benefit to the amount of power that this blender has is the ability to grind grains, nuts, and beans into flours.  Going gluten free can get super expensive when you are buying and experimenting with different flours that only come in 16 oz packages and cost between $4 and $5 each.  After just 30-50 seconds of incredibly LOUD blending (because of how hard the grains are), out comes soft and fine flours.

*NOTE* – Yes, this blender is extremely loud, especially in a small, enclosed kitchen!  I usually plug my ears and walk out of the room while it’s blending.  In a bigger and more open kitchen, it’s still loud, but a little less painful on the ears.

Grains you can make flour from in the Blendtec:

Brown Rice
Dried Chickpeas
Dried Fava Beans
Dried Green Lentils
Dried Soy Beans

Dried White Beans
Hulled Millet
Oat Groats
Pearled Barley

Raw Almonds
Rolled Oats
Rye Berries
Spelt Berries
Wheat Berries
White Rice

It’s ability to grind grains is the one reason that I will always stick with Blendtec instead of buying a Vitamix.  You use the same pitcher for blending everything.  If you buy a Vitamix and want to grind your own flours, you have to spend an additional $100 on a special attachment container, and find a place to store that in your kitchen as well!

Another awesome feature of the Blendtec is the ability to make hot soup.  Because of the friction of the blades, it actually heats up your ingredients while it purees them in “6 minutes or less”.

And after your hot soup, you can cool down with some healthy ice cream without all the added extras in store bought ice cream like corn syrup, carrageenan and gums.  It’s so easy to make fruity ice cream with frozen fruit and your choice of milk or sorbets with ice and fruit.

Speeds and Pre-programmed Cycles

This blender has 10 speeds, which I mainly use when grinding flours.  Different grains take different amounts of power to grind.  Other than that, it’s so easy just to use the pre-programmed cycles – just press one button and it already knows how long and what speed to blend at.  The cycles to choose from are ice cream, dough and batter, hot soup, cocktails, juice and smoothies.

Again, just choose your cycle, press the button and walk away if you want.


With a 75 oz capacity, the Blendtec jar is big enough to make smoothies, juice, ice cream or soup for 3-4 people at one time!  Even though it has a big jar, it still fits on the counter under your cabinets, unlike the Vitamix.

2nd BEST FEATURE: Warranty

The warranty on this blender is 8 years, which is an incredible amount of time for a kitchen appliance to be guaranteed for.  My Blendtec has a warranty of 7 years, so the next time something happens to it, I’ll be springing for a whole new machine.

But over these 7 years, the company has had the BEST customer service.  Every time I have called, customer service has been super polite.  They ask you to run the machine with the jar, and then without and they diagnose the problem just by listening to the sound of the motor.  A couple times they have replaced the pitcher, which they send out right away.  One time, they did actually replace the motor and the pitcher.  I’ve never had a problem they didn’t remedy.  And that says a lot for a company in this day and age.

Other Features

The Blendtec is easy to clean.  It can’t go in the dishwasher, but they suggest to put a drop of soap and some water in the pitcher and run the machine and let it clean itself.  It does work, but I usually just rinse it out with hot soapy water.  (I make sure not to get the blade part wet.)

The blades are made from cold-forged hardened steel and aren’t sharp.  The blade can be touched and cleaned without cutting yourself.

The lid is comprised of two parts – a black rubber part that attaches to the blender jar and a clear plastic insert for the middle.  If you needed to add an ingredient, it’s easier just to use the small opening, rather than removing the whole lid.


Like any kitchen appliance, there are a few downsides.  First, it is REALLY LOUD.  Think of a lawn mower in your kitchen……

Second, although the machine usually works great, sometimes there is operator error (oopsy) in the amount of liquid that it needs to blend properly.  When this happens, the blades create a hole in the center and they don’t pull the ingredients down to blend.  Vitamix has an ingenious solution to this problem, and provides a tamper.  It allows you to move the ingredients around while the machine is blending.  I really do wish that Blendtec would add that feature.

Third, a Blendtec cannot replace your food processor.  It does not chop food – it only pulverizes it.

Also, many people in the reviews and myself as well, have noticed that black grease sprays out of the bottom of the pitcher as the machine is running.  It stays self-contained and doesn’t get anything in your kitchen messy, but it is disconcerting at first.  When it gets to be a heavy coating of grease every time, it’s time to call customer service.


There are a couple different Blendtecs listed on Amazon.  You’ll notice the ones with the Wild-Side Jar are more expensive, and there are also professional ones that have a cover for noise reduction.

Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender with FourSide Jar
75 oz. volume / 32 oz Wet/Dry Fillable
Professional Grade Power
6 Pre-programmed cycles
10 Speeds

Click here for more info

Blendtec Designer Series Blender WildSide Jar
90 oz. volume
Professional Grade Power
6 Pre-programmed cycles
8 Speeds

Click here for more info

Blendtec Classic 575 Blender WildSide Jar
90 oz. volume
Professional Grade Power
4 Pre-programmed cycles
5 Speeds

Click here for more info

Blendtec Professional 800 Blender with WildSide Jar
90 oz. volume
Sealed Sound Enclosure
Professional Grade Power
11 Speed Touch Slider

Click here for more info

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